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The performance adventures and novelty acts of Bob Moyler and friends

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Return To Iron Mountain (2011)
Three floors of original sci-fi theatre in Liverpools historic Nordic seaman's church
Featuring guest performance of Explorers by Aliki Chapple
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Location: Gustav Adolf Kyrka, Liverpool, England
Words: Matthew Duffy, Bob Moyler
Performance: Bob Moyler, Richie Grice, Rosie Mieville, Jordan Moyler, Robert J Harper, George Fox, Sarah Hollands
Costume & Props: Bob Moyler
Technician: Bob Moyler
Music: Germanager, Emma Bowen
Director: Bob Moyler
Image: Bob Moyler, Ailie Rutherford

From Beyond Iron Mountain (2010)
Transforming a disused shop in Liverpool city centre into an ideas factory, meeting place, actors studio and performance venue.
A new piece of science fiction theatre was created from empty page to stage in only six weeks.
Location: Temple Court, Liverpool, England
Words: Matthew Duffy, Robin Brocking, Bob Moyler
Performance: Trev Fleming, Henry Fredrickson, Kate Benfield, Jennifer Airey, Tom Ligget, Robert J Harper, Nigel Laudey, Bob Moyler, Ally Goodman, Tall Paul, Mike Bell, Richie Grice, Mycroft Milverton, George Fox, Rosie Mieville
Set & Props: Ailie Rutherford, Bob Moyler, Mycroft Milverton, Jingle Joe, Ryan Hall
Lighting: Laura Spark
Costume & Make-up: Ailie Rutherford, Helen Quin, Laura Hollowell
Music: Emma Bowen
Director: Bob Moyler
Image: Bob Moyler, Ailie Rutherford
Support by Shops Up Front (Liverpool City Council) & Arts Council England

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Watch the full performance here

Emma Bowen's fantastic Bonk St tunes can be heard here