Bob Moyler image by bernhard winkler

The performance adventures and novelty acts of Bob Moyler and friends

Over time my performances have become directly lived experiments, splicing technology, folk, sf, and theatre. Future facing performances that peal away identity and poke about in being. I welcome contingency to shape the execution of any performance and allow space for technical failure and human elements to err. Through this uncontrolled way of working I hope to achieve honesty, and ensure my performances are not mere re-presentations, but are always present in the now. This website also contains many friends, collaboraters, co-creators and fantastic artists that have joined me (and who I have joined) on various performance adventures.

Between 2000 and 2007 I was one half of outspoken poetry-based performance duo Thick Richard. Thick Richard performed across a diverse selection of UK venues, from Battersea Arts Centre to Big Hands, Glastonbury to the Leith Dockers Club. We were allegedly the first ever poets to perform at the Reading music festival and are quite possibly partly to blame for the exponential rise of popular spoken word artists in the UK. Thick Richard featured on a number of BBC radio programmes during this time and as the late great Hovis Presley said, we "put the 'how' in show business".

In 2011 I decided to return to my studies and obtained a first class honors degree in Media and Performance from University of Salford. Since that time I have been constantly developing my artistic practice and trying out new ideas, creating many magical moments and memorable experiences. Performance adventures have included science fiction theatre over three floors of Liverpool's historic Nordic church, Capek inspired folk performance at the Edinburgh Arts Festival and Cupar Arts Festival, a strange folkloric leafy creature on the streets of Sarajevo, and a hand-sewn cardboard robot. My work has won a number of awards and has received funding from Arts Council England and Creative Scotland, and commissions from Forestry Commission Scotland and Bestival. I returned to my studies once again in 2014, receiving my Master of Letters in Theatre Practices at University of Glasgow.

After being awarded the Alastair Cameron Scholarship from University of Glasgow in 2015, I began working with the iRobot Roomba 533 as my semi-autonomous research partner, and The Robot and Bob started to explore the possibilities of collaborative cyborg performance. The robot had previous experience of being a vacuum cleaner but to my knowledge, this was the first time it had worked with humanoids to create art. In 2016 The Robot and Bob performed Drone Dance, a cyborg Morris dance class, at the Buzzcut festival in Govan, Scotland.

On the 15th July 2017, The Robot and Bob presented Hacking The Android Circuit at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow. Hacking The Android Circuit was a truly original adaptation of Scottish playwright Tom McGrath’s unpublished science fiction comedy The Android Circuit. This performance featured The Robot and Bob’s first collaboration with the Recurrent Neural Network, Torch-rnn.