Bob Moyler image by bernhard winkler

The performance adventures and novelty acts of Bob Moyler and friends

Illegal Alien (2016)

Location: Surge festival, Merchant City, Glasgow, Scotland
Performance: Ruxy Cantir, the iRobot Roomba 533
Costume: Bob Moyler
Technician: Bob Moyler
Image: Ingrid Mur
Supported by Conflux

For Conflux and Tmesis’ Street Theatre Commission, The Robot and Bob created a new piece of engaging yet challenging street performance. The performance was a satire of Immigration Enforcement Officers appearing in towns and cities to remove illegal immigrants. In the performance the humanoid actor performed a clownish alien removals officer dressed in a fully encapsulating gas tight suit. The Robot performed a non-humanoid small furry illegal creature and was dressed in animal fur. Working with physical theatre artist and Bouffon, Ruxy Cantir, The Robot and Bob devised a physical comic performance based around capture and elusion. Ruxy trying a number of different and ridiculous methods to try to find and remove the little furry alien from the streets. To help set rhythm and keep focus, music was used during the devising and rehearsal process. But the only music allowed was the song illegal alien by rock group Genesis.

“Because it’s no fun, being an illegal alien”

This was the first time The Robot and Bob had performed in an urban location. Bob was very excited (He can’t speak for The Robot) about the opportunity of mentoring from the practitioners at Conflux and Tmesis. The Robot and Bob were keen to develop its work and break free of the confines of studio/theatre-based research. It was time to hit the streets!

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