Bob Moyler image by bernhard winkler

The performance adventures and novelty acts of Bob Moyler and friends

Public Service Robots (2015)

Location: Southside Fringe festival, Glasgow, Scotland
Performance: Theatre at Queens
Costume: Bob Moyler
Image: Bob Moyler
Supported by School of Culture and Creative Arts Creative Practice Fund, University of Glasgow

Public Service Robots (2014)

Location: GARAGE, Edinburgh Arts Festival, Scotland
Performance: Bob Moyler, Beth Frieden, Fiona McPherson, Eilidh Reilly
Costume: Bob Moyler
Image: Emma Bowen

To watch a performance click here

Public Service Robots (2013)

Location: Cupar Arts Festival, Fife, Scotland
Performance: Bob Moyler, Cupar folk
Costume: Bob Moyler
Image: Ailie Rutherford