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The performance adventures and novelty acts of Bob Moyler and friends

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Monster (2009)

Location: Edge Hill, Liverpool, England
Performance: A cardboard robot
Words: Chris Woods
Camera: Bob Moyler
Edit: Bob Moyler
Screened at Version festival, Cornerhouse, Manchester, 2009

Mary Shelly's nightmare brought to life through a vision of robotic cardboard. Hand sewn using 100% recycled packaging. Shot hand held using natural light on a second hand Sony Handycam. Filmed in Kensignton, a run down area of Liverpool awaiting the arrival of the city councils bulldozers. Most of the action was shot backwards and then reversed during editing to add strangeness to movement. Monster was made for a Comma Film challange and was a video adaptation of the poem Monster by Chris Woods. I have never met Chris Woods, and so still have no idea what he thinks of this film.

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Above: Production shot, Kensignton, Liverpool;
Video still from out take, Clarence dry docks, Liverpool
Image: Bob Moyler